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The Unseen of Tai Chi

History • Philosophy • Energy

Mini Course Intro

Immerse Yourself into the Essence of Your True Nature...

Explore this Ancient Practice and Set Out on a Path to Self-Discovery, Mystery, History, and Well-Being.

In Video 1 

You will learn that Tai Chi is far more than just a series of physical movements; this ancient practice has the ability to illuminate hidden aspects of ourselves that we may not be aware of.

Instructor Sierra will share insights that will help you move through energetic blockages, create a space for transformation, and cultivate a newfound sense of inner peace and heightened self-awareness.

Teachings include:

  • A Beginner's Journey

  • Going Beyond Movement Mastery

  • The Universal Intention

  • Clearing the Weeds - Unraveling Thoughts and Conditioning

  • How to Expand Your Awareness and Gain Insights

  • Tai Chi as a Heart-Centered Practice for Healing and Transcendence

In Video 4

Sierra delves deep into the realm of the Three Treasures, revealing the profound connection they hold.

Through this exploration, you will receive invaluable gems and 12 practical ways to support and harmonize these energy centers within your being.

Highlight include:

  • The Interconnection of Dantians and their Role in Chinese Medicine

  • The Connection Between Jing, Genetics, and Health

  • How to feed your Qi to Nurture, Support and Harmonize your Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • You will also:

    • Learn the Fundamental Differences between Tai Chi and Qigong.

    • Discover the Essence of Push Hands with an in-depth study of Jin, Balance, and Skill Variations

    • Journey through the fascinating world of Chakras and Dantians, uncovering the similarities and their impact on enhancing your health, vitality, and well-being.

    • Take a closer look at the ancient origins of Silk Reeling. Trace its beginnings from Silkworms to Spirals, explore the intriguing debate behind its name, and uncover its connection in Wu, Chen, and Yang Style Tai Chi.

    • Navigate the Meridian System and discover how its energetic pathways facilitate the flow of vital energy within your body.

    But the Journey Doesn't End There

    You will also be taken on a comprehensive exploration, diving into the History, Philosophy, and Principles of Tai Chi.

    From the traditional styles and their lineage to the significance of the Taijitu / Yin Yang teachings, the Unseen of Tai Chi will provide you with invaluable insights into ancient wisdom and deeper truths!




    History • Mystery • Timeless Principals

    Throughout this mini course, you may find yourself...

  • Stepping into your own Tai Chi practice with intention, ease, and clarity. 

  • Uncovering your inner voice and the hidden aspects of yourself that Tai Chi reveals.

  • Gently brushing off the dust of depleting habits and conditioning.

  • Peeling back the layers with each movement, and encountering forgotten corners of your psyche to embody the deeper dimensions of Tai Chi.

  • No matter which Tai Chi Form or Style you follow, your going to receive...

  • Deep Insights, Essential Principles, and Gain a Greater Depth in understanding both Yourself and this Beautiful Ancient Art that extends beyond the physical.


    Test drive the Unseen of Tai Chi mini course during the next 60 days, and if for any reason you are unhappy with the course, then please accept Sierra's unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

    Simply request a refund within 60-Days of enrollment to receive 100% of your course tuition.

    Angie Sierra

    I initially bought this course to learn about the history and philosophy of Tai Chi, but what I've gained has surpassed my expectations. This is unlike anything else. The level of education that the teacher Sierra provides is truly high quality.

    The Unseen of Tai Chi is broken down into short videos, making the teachings easy to understand and great for both beginners and advanced practitioners. I can't recommend this course enough for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Tai Chi and its significance in personal growth and well-being."

    Michael R.

    A great change took place as I went through this course. Understanding the 'Unseen' aspects of Tai Chi has allowed me to connect with a profound sense of self. I now use these principles to remain calm, resilient, and grounded not only during my Tai Chi practice but also with life's challenges, helping me find strength and wisdom in every step I take.

    I also appreciate the visuals and motion graphics. Angie Sierra's teaching pace was just right for me—very succinct and mindful."

    Susan Ellis

    This deserves 5 stars. The precise explanation of the various aspects of Tai Chi made this course and presentation an easy and pleasurable way to learn the essence of Tai Chi."

    Tano Tropia

    Explore, Expand and Cultivate Sacred Knowledge to Get the Most out of Your Tai Chi Practice TODAY!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this a Movement Course?

    The Unseen of Tai Chi is not a movement course; it is a journey of knowledge that offers you a comprehensive and educational exploration, guiding you through the realms of personal development, sacred knowledge, and ancient teachings. If you are interested in the Step-by-Step Tai Chi 24 (Movement) Course, tap here.

    Who is this course for?

    This Knowledge-Based mini course is perfect for beginners or anyone curious to learn more about Tai Chi. The course does not focus on the martial / fighting aspects of Tai Chi. Instead, Instructor Sierra aims to open the mind, expand consciousness, teach timeless principles, and provide fundamental concepts about Tai Chi. Topics covered include the difference between Tai Chi and Qigong, Dantians and Chakras, Meridians and more. The benefits you gain from this course extend beyond Tai Chi practice – it can make other parts of your life better too.

    Enter a Journey through

    The Unseen of Tai Chi

    with your guide 

    Angie Sierra

    Instructor Sierra has over a decade of experience providing in-person community classes, personalized private lessons, insightful online workshops, and academic courses. She has made a lifelong impact teaching Tai Chi to thousands; ages ranging from 5 to 98 years young.

    Her teaching methodology transcends boundaries, uniting individuals from various backgrounds, as she infuses her lessons with positivity, kindness, and gentle guidance.