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Reiki Healing Sessions

    Reiki Energy Healing. Serving Los Angele, Long Beach and Orange County

Universal Energy

Reiki ~ a Japanese word meaning 'Universal life energy', is a simple, natural and safe method that helps cleanse, balance and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki has been used in over 900 US hospitals and healthcare systems as a complementary therapy and is linked to numerous health benefits including better sleep, improved mood, and pain relief.

Reiki Master & Teacher Angie Sierra

Humbly Serves as an Instrument

for 'Universal Life Energy' and Intuitive Guidance.

Holds a Safe and Supportive Space

for healing, relaxation, releasing and greater perspective.

Provides Personalized Sessions

that may include; offering counsel, chakra balancing, sage/smudging, personal development guidance, and latent abilities.

What to Expect

During the Reiki treatment, the receiver will either lay down on a massage table, couch, or bed.

Practitioner Sierra will scan the recipients body by hovering her hands over the body (known as Byosen Scanning) to detect physical and/or energetic blockages in the flow of Qi.

Once detected, she will either use a light touch, or hover above the specific area to help release blockages and allow healing energy to flow freely.

The actual experience of Reiki therapy is subjective, but it is common for clients to become deeply relaxed and possibly fall asleep. Reiki may also generate other responses, such as insights, release of emotions, visions of colors, memories of the past during the session, or afterwards in dreams.

  • What People Are Saying

    I had never had a Reiki session and did not know what to expect. Physically I felt a surge of energy going through my body. A couple of times I felt like Sierra had 4 hands on me at once. I would completely lose track of time. The hour sessions felt like minutes. During my third session I felt as though something was being extracted from my body.

    During my first session I opened up to Sierra and even released some tears which is very unusual for me. I felt completely comfortable with her and shared a lot. She gave me advice that I took to heart.

    I came to Sierra because I had been in high levels of constant pain for over 2 years. I had always been a very "together" person and hadn't realized what a mess I had become in the last couple of years. Because of her a transformation began to take place over the next few months. I was able to release some emotions that had been building up. I strengthened the bond with some of the people in my life and let go of the toxic ones. I began taking better care of my body and mind. My pain levels decreased dramatically and I adopted a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

    In truth, I did not expect my Reiki session with Sierra to have such a deep impact and be a life changing experience, but it was.

    I beyond recommend Angie Sierra for a Reiki session. I only hope everyone could have at least half the experience I did. She's awesomely amazing.

    Jazel Cordova

    Los Angeles, CA

    I was left intrigued after my 1st session with Angie. Feeling the realness of Reiki healing, I wanted another go at it. Realizing that I had been stuck in my head with alot of thoughts that just couldn't get out I reached out to her.

    She creates a space that is very welcoming and accepting and prays over all that is involved during that moment.

    The first place she placed her hands was on my head......on the back of my head. Instantly I felt a sense of relief. My head melted into her hands and felt very light. As if all that energy I had stored up was being quietly drawn out and released.

    I experienced many other areas where I could feel an energy blockage. Angie was guided directly to these points where healing took place and the energy was able to move through.

    I recommend her to anyone who is feeling any type of way!

    Alley Trantow

    Yoga Instructor ~ Orange County, CA

    I began working with Angie Sierra in June 2014. I am a healer myself (clinical social worker by profession) and although I have participated in and benefited from traditional talk therapy throughout my life, I continue to experience the effects of unresolved trauma in my personal life.

    I began receiving healing from Angie weekly and noticed immediate improvement in my emotional state and increased clarity in my thinking.

    Angie is a very kind and compassionate soul and takes a very individualized approach with each of her clients. After every session I just felt so much lighter, like a weight has been lifted from me and I could move closer and closer to my true self.

    I am truly grateful to Angie for the Instrumental role she has played in my personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

    I would recommend healing from Angie to anyone who is seeking to deeply heal on an emotional, physical or spiritual level.

    Shannon Nemzer

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker / Holistic Practitioner

    Long Beach, CA

    Sierra is amazing! She’s intuitive, shares great insight, gets to the root of the issue and that was just at the start of the session!

    The actual Reiki treatment made me feel light in my body, peace in my mind and warmth in my heart. At one point, I thought she was using a heating pad but turned out to be her hands!

    During the session, I noticed my dogs becoming calmer, they weren't bouncing off the couches like they normally do when we have company. It was surreal, my very social, hyper-active pup Sadie laid right next to Sierra and fell asleep. That night, I too slept like a baby.

    Thank you Sierra, this experience was so very healing and purifying.

    Jen Ann

    Los Angeles, CA