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Our Mission


Human Potential Development


Natural Holistic Therapies


Mindful Based Practices

We at SHCollective are dedicated to the rising of human consciousness and global transformation through holistic practices.

It is our mission and purpose to offer tools that help navigate through stress and anxiety, improve mental and emotional health, and advance physical well-being.

Most chronic illnesses can be linked to emotional imbalances, diet, and lifestyle.

This can be prevented.

Making small changes can add up to BiG Health Benefits!

SHCollective is committed to providing simple, accessible in-person classes and online courses to educate the public on Health and Wellness subjects useful to individuals and beneficial to the community.



Attended Our Classes

2022 = 3,605

+36.03% ↑

People traveled an average of 9 miles to join our in-person classes.


Live Events Hosted

2022 = 184

+35.33% ↑

of which 54 were virtual events


Individuals using our Services and Educational Online Platform

2022 = 139

+65.47% ↑

Global Reach: United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, and throughout the United States.

  • Members

    Angie Sierra

    Founder/Executive Director

    Amanda Almaraz


    Alma Gonzalez


    Marie Hogan

    Governing Board Member

    Ellen McKissick

    Governing Board Member

    Workshops • Courses Program Development


    2022 New SHCollective website built

    Tai Chi Community Classes and Private Lessons

    Step-by-Step Tai Chi (movement course)

    The Unseen of Tai Chi (knowledge course)

    In-person one-on-one Reiki sessions

    1-on-1 Session Calls

    Latest Release

    Online Wellness Community (platform)

    Ongoing Areas of Development

    Food Medicine Nutrition Education

    Stress Reduction Therapies

    Certification Training Programs

    Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom Teachings