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Join Our NEW Wellness Online Community!

Hi, Founder and Practitioner Angie Sierra here 👋😃

Exciting News! One key element that's been missing from our online courses is an Online Community.

In a perfect world, I’d envision a platform where we could interact, support each other, have an event calendar for live Zoom gatherings, and access all our courses—ALL in one place.

What a dream that would be 😍

Well, it's a dream coming true! We've found the platform, and here's what you can look forward to inside:

Online Community • Courses • Live Zoom Events

Live Zoom Events!

Held on weekday evenings, with days alternating each week.

Week 1

Tai Chi for Beginners (1-12)

This lesson focuses on the first 12 movements of the Yang Style 24-Form. To familiarize yourself with these movements before our live Zoom session, you'll gain access to our Step-by-Step Tai Chi 24 course. This way, you can practice at your own pace and join the live session to strengthen your foundation and refine your movements!

(Recordings will be available for 3 days.)

Week 2

Wellness and Nutrition Q&A

Whether you're looking to enhance your wellness routine or battling specific health challenges, submit your questions or ask them live on Zoom. Amanda, our Holistic Health Practitioner certified in Functional Nutrition, brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for empowering our community in reaching personal health and wellness goals!

(Library of Recorded Highlights Available.)

Week 3

Tai Chi Yang Style 24-Form

Take your practice further by joining our live Zoom session for the complete 24-Form! This lesson focuses on movements 13-24, finishing with a practice of the full sequence together. It’s a perfect addition to complement your Step-by-Step Tai Chi course, offering a chance to practice in sync, refine your movements, and enhance your skills!

(Recordings will be available for 3 days.)

Week 4

Beyond Obstacles Q&A

Whether facing personal hurdles, procrastination, professional blocks, or simply seeking a more fulfilled life, join us to share experiences and gain insights on overcoming challenges in a supportive environment. Together, we'll reach new heights of success and well-being.

(This is an unrecorded gathering on Zoom, open to all.)

Week 4 or 5

Women of Peace Happy Hour!

Together, we'll sip on our favorite beverages, share stories, laugh, and maybe shed a few tears—in a good way. These gatherings provide a special opportunity for each of us to acknowledge, connect, and support one another in a nurturing environment designed to uplift and empower on our unique journeys.

(This is an unrecorded Zoom gathering, open to those who identify as female and embrace the diversity of womanhood.)

Extra Bonus: On Demand

Surprise Meditation Drop!

Each month, we release a new, pre-recorded meditation—a little monthly gem designed to enhance your daily life, provide mental clarity, cultivate inner peace, promote healing, and support personal growth.

Plus, get exclusive access to our growing library of past meditations. Revisit favorites or explore previous sessions—available on demand for your convenience.

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Online Community • Courses • Live Zoom Events

Tai Chi Courses!

Movement Course

Instant Access to the Step-by-Step Tai Chi 24 Yang Style Course!

Stay active and enjoy a rich learning experience featuring multiple camera angles, voice guidance, modifications, drills, and progress tracking.

Special bonuses include a Tai Chi Principles eBook to deepen your understanding and further enhance your Tai Chi journey. Each form is presented with potential health benefits, making your practice both informative and transformative.

Knowledge Course

The Unseen of Tai Chi

Explores the healing essence of Tai Chi. Instructor Sierra provides deep insights into overcoming energetic blockages and explains the pivotal roles of Jing, Qi, and Dantians.

You'll not only learn about the unique practices of Push Hands and Silk Reeling, as well as how to navigate the vital energy pathways of the Meridians and Chakras, but also the history, philosophy, and principles, deepening your overall well-being beyond your physical practice.

Our Community THRiVES on...

Sharing, supporting, uplifting, and inspiring one another.

It's all about making meaningful connections and growing together.

Inside our community platform, we've crafted special tabs tailored to your wellness journey. 

Here's a quick glimpse at a couple of them:

Community Voices

Join Our Exclusive Online Community!

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  • Tai Chi Courses with Progress Trackers!

  • Community Goal Guardians: Set personal goals and receive follow-ups for accountability and support!

  • Community Wellness Wins: Share your wellness activities, and we'll celebrate your healthy habits together!

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