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Imagine yourself...

Listening to a motivational audio or watching an inspirational video....

You are deeply moved....

The energy shifts inside of you.... Your cells are opening, your bloods pumping, you’re ELATED about your new discovery.... EXCITED about the infinite possibilities!

But then, life happens...

You get busy. You say yes to every task that lands on your plate. You experience some good and some not so good interactions along the way.

Oh look! In the corner of your mind appear the goals and intentions you set earlier today.... but you push them away because you've got a schedule to keep and you can't delay....

Finally, you get a break. You've been on the go all day!

But now your energy is low

You're hungry so you eat. The food settles and now you want to sleep.... but you can't cause there's too much to do!

You're on-the-go so you rush out and continue to move 🏃🏻‍♀️

Next thing you know, it's bed time. You reflect on the day and realize you didn't follow through on what you truly wanted to do....

Disappointment sets in....

Perhaps you replay that not so good moment and wish you could've handled it better.

Or maybe you dwell on not having done anything to move you towards your goal. You're left wondering.... "How did this happen?", or "Where did the time go?".

The worst part, you go to bed with restless thoughts that leave you feeling distraught.

You wake up the next morning repeating the day, all over again, day after day.

That's where I come in

Sweet spirit

You have Eyes that Can See

  • Ears that Can Hear

  • A Heart that Beats for You

  • A Voice that Speaks Through You

  • A Body that Serves You

  • Abilities, Gifts and Skills Inside of You

    You Matter

    Your very existence can be your driving force to follow through.

    Your fuel to remain laser focused on your vision.

    Your reason not to give up on yourself and EMERGE day after day!

    Give RiSE to a New Life!

    EMERGE Calls give you the opportunity to Emerge from life’s happenings and step into your own autonomy.

      • Freedom from living according to other peoples' agendas.

      • Freedom to choose how you want to live, how you want to feel, and what you want to transcend.


      we gain clarity, define your vision, create an optimal environment and reinvent a greater you. 

      A version of you that lives in the deeper dimensions of life...

      A version of you that makes heart-centered choices...

      Takes the MOST effective steps needed...

      And ushers in the resources, connections, and the results you want in your life.

      How it works

    • Schedule Your Session Call

      Easily book your best day and time directly on Angie's calendar.

    • Choose Your Option

      • 1 Session Call $75

      • 4 Weekly Session Calls (Save $32)

      • 8 Weekly Session Calls (Save $120 + includes 2 Payment Installments)

      Sessions are 1 hour, one-on-one calls via Zoom link or Zoom one tap mobile number. You can also dial in using your phone.

      You do not need a Zoom account to join the call.

      To view the Payment option page tap here.

    • Receive Your Confirmation

      Once your session is scheduled, you'll receive a Confirmation email containing your Zoom link (in case you would like to join the call from your computer, tablet, or smartphone).

      Or you can join the call using the One Tap Mobile number from your cell phone. One Tap Mobile will dial you in and enter your Meeting ID automatically.

      If you choose to dial in using your phone, call the number provided then enter your Meeting ID manually.


      EMERGE calls are convenient, confidential and action-driven.

    Let's Create Greater Change, schedule your session today!

      My Pledge to you (tap here)

      I am here to guide you towards accessing your capacity to create a life you enjoy, that matters most to you and is in harmony with your hearts calling.

      I’m responsible for delivering the best service possible and laying the foundation for transformation.

      I come to you committed to your excellence and support your endeavors to the best of my ability by giving you 100%.

      As your Mentor, I will bring attentive listening, understanding and belief in you. Our time together will give you support, inspiration, motivation and accountability, which are all required to create positive change.

      You can expect me to challenge you, offer fresh perspectives, make requests (including assigning action steps), acknowledge your wins, and guarantee utmost confidentiality (to the fullest extent of the law, and so long as I don't fear for your or another's safety).

      I am a Mentor, not a physician, and I am not trained in diagnosing medical conditions. If any issues come up for you that should be handled by a licensed physician, I insist that you must attend to your health by contacting the appropriate professional.

      Rescheduling Policy: Should you need to reschedule a session call, simply send an email to [email protected] at least two (2hours in advance of your session time. 

      Make up sessions must be rescheduled within one (1) week of the originally scheduled date.  

      Refund Policy: If we discover during our first session call that we are not a good fit working together, you will promptly and respectfully receive your money back.

      I am responsible for showing you the door to experiencing new levels of awareness, seeing the world from a different perspective, receiving greater insights and inspiration.

      You are responsible for walking through it. You are the only person who can do the work and create change in your life. The more you put into this work, the more you will get out of it.

      I cannot guarantee results, however, I’ve seen numerous clients create powerful results by having the courage and determination to apply the principles, key insights and inner guidance received during our call(s). My experience has shown over and over again that this works if you work it.

    • Angie Sierra

    • Client Pledge (tap here)

      In order to maximize the results I want to create, I intend to engage fully in our session. I am motivated and committed to taking action on my personal and professional goals.

      I can be relied upon to be on time for our call(s) and agree to give at least two (2) hours in advance notice if I need to reschedule. 

      I understand that I can make up the session(s) by rescheduling within one (1) week of the originally scheduled date.  

      I agree to come to the call(s) having completed the required action step(s) with a willingness to contribute and engage in the call. I realize that anything less than my intentional and full participation will not lead to my success. I accept full responsibility for myself and any actions I take that might result from our session.

      I agree to pay the full amount of our session call(s), and will do so according to the payment option I choose at the time of booking. I understand I can seek a refund during our first session if we are not a good fit in working together.

    • Client

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    Give Rise to a New Life!